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GetFit1st is such a fantastic new fitness  studio,with two amazing coaches which are  also  brothers. My daughter  have been training  with instructor Collins for many years she have not only learned martial arts  but have learned to apply perseverance in everything  she does. Mr Collins had Taught her to never limit yourself that you can do anything, just put in the work and you will  achieve it. He always works hard with each one of his students .The Collins brothers make sure their clients achieve their goals. I have also trained with Mr.Collins in self defense. Julian and Julius (the Collins brothers) are very knowledgeable  in  so many different areas of fitness.The studio is very  clean,healthy, and safe. The Collins  brothers are professional, very family like environment, and have great energy I'm happy to be apart of it. 


I have been training Martial Arts with Master Julius for several years. In his case the "Master" title is fully deserved, as he has led a life dedicated to training and learning. At get FitFit 1st - it is clear there is a focus on making health and fitness a priority, and part of your life, not just showing-up for an hour, two/three times a week. The level of knowledge brought by brothers Julius and Julian is inspiring (that isn't hyperbole). You know every class is going to test you to your limit - sometimes it's a physical challenge...ok ALWAYS it's a physical challenge, you never walk out of there  without knowing you had a workout! But Julius and Julian are so well-versed in body mechanics and training techniques, that they recognize where your weakness and imbalances are, and develop individual training plans that aim to correct them - I quite often find myself saying 'there's nowhere to hide' in this session! It is clear they are always educating and improving themselves - they then pass that onto their clients. Every session brings something new that Julius has studied, understood and given conscious thought about how to introduce to my work-out, and I always leave feeling like I have been tested, have improved, and learned something more about my body and fitness level.

The atmosphere at this studio is incredible - an under-stated positive energy from the Trainers that lets you know you're here to work as soon as you walk through the door, and they're going to make sure you do - but it is also very nurturing & supporting, no judgement  - you just know your training is in good hands, and that they sincerely want to help you maximize your efforts. From my perspective - I trained hard a lot when younger, poor technique and a sense of invincibility - now as a middle-aged man, those injuries come back to haunt me - but with the thoughtfulness of Julius and his training methods and desire to help me, we have worked through limitations and continually remove them. I've had a couple of surgeries over the last two years - at one of my follow-up visits to the Surgeon, I demonstrated several of the exercises we'd been training - and the Doctor literally looked in the file to make sure he remembered the surgery I'd had correctly - as he couldn't believe I'd made so much progress in my capabilities.

If all you are looking for is somewhere that knows what they are doing and will give you a challenging work out, well that's a given! But this studio offers so much more knowledge and support to instill and maintain a truly life-bettering fitness lifestyle.



When I first met my Personal Trainer, I was in my late 40's and completely out of shape. Fast forward almost 4 years and down 35 pounds, at 51 years old, I'm in the BEST shape I've ever been in and have muscles I've NEVER had before. It took the encouragement, support, and professional training skills of my "Coach Julian," along with my consistency and determination, to get me where I am today. He's seen me at my worst and helps me stay at my best! For a complete lifestyle, health and fitness change, I encourage everyone to "GET FIT FIRST" and be healthier as a result! 

SYLENE D ISAAC _ affectionately known as "Sly"

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