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The fitness journey of Julius began long before he even knew it existed. He was a very active child playing sports, but growing into a 2 sport High School Varsity Letterman in Cross Country and Track. After high school, martial arts truly took a big interest into his everyday routine and at that time he knew he would connect these two loves of Martial Art and Fitness.


Beginning his Fitness Training journey at Bally Total fitness as a Personal Trainer, he soon jumped into the independence of Private Fitness Training at Blackhawk fitness where he was able to combine a touch of Martial Arts creating his own approach to fitness. While Independent Fitness Training grew so did his experience in Martial Arts. After training for some years in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and achieving his 3rd dan at Hyun’s Hapkido, Julius was the first Non-Korean Black to teach at the facility, which is the oldest martial arts school in the same location in the US. 


Julius competed in several Martial Arts tournaments, as well as competing as an amateur in Mixed Martial Arts. While the love for both took to new heights, he opened up a Martial Arts and Fitness facility where Martial Arts and Fitness was a “one stop shop.” Through the years of training and competing, he learned through continuing education that Fitness is always evolving. The things that may have been ok years ago, may be detrimental to your fitness routine today. With over 25 years in the Fitness Industry, Julius continues to stay up to date with fitness certifications like Pain-free Performance Specialist and TRX.


“Continuing education is a must, as we continue to learn more about our bodies and how they work. As fitness moves, we will move with it.”“I feel you get what you put in. As long as you work hard and trust the process, the results you want will be on the other side.”


Originally from Lynwood, IL Julian grew up with a love for sports.  Being a 4 year, 3-sport High School athlete in Baseball, Wrestling, and Football it was truly a dream to be involved with sports in the future.  With an injury preventing any chance in collegiate sports at the University of Iowa, he transitioned into martial arts and later began competing in MMA. 


Over a decade of competing in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he instructed at several of the top Fitness Clubs and Gyms throughout the city and surrounding areas of Chicago. After opening multiple Boxing Fitness Franchises in the country, training clients of all ages and abilities from first-timers to professional athletes it was time to take the experience training with some of the best coaches in the industry and build a brand. GetFit1st is a name that has been represented between both Julian and Julius since 2000 within many different private facilities throughout the city. 20 years later it finally has its own home to create its own culture in the fitness industry.


Currently holds several certifications under PTA Global, Julian is also a TRX Level 1 Certified Trainer, Rock Steady Boxing Certified Coach working with individuals battling Parkinson’s Disease through Boxing and Fitness, and a Youth Wrestling Coach with Beat The Streets Chicago.

“I feel you get what you put in.  As long as you work hard and trust the process, the results you want will be on the other side.”

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